Batesburg-Leesville Loves the 80’s!

bl Megan's Passive Program 80's

Megan’s passive programming display on the 1980’s is drawing lots of attention! Books and objects about monumental events, famous people, and popular items from that decade are on display. Megan also made entries available for patrons to post their own comments relating to this period in time. Possibly, the most entertaining aspect of the display is the pictures staff posted of themselves. Drop by and have a look for yourself! 

Pelion Branch Library’s Square Foot Community Garden Update

pe Garden 5 June 6 2014pe Garden 1 June 6 2014

The square foot community garden is producing peas and onions right now. The carrots are bushy and the cucumbers are climbing the trellis.  Several tomato plants are putting out blooms!  The blueberry bushes survived the winter and one has ripening blueberries on it.  The blackberry bushes are still growing and we are hopeful for some berries this fall.